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Why should you consider a regular sports massage and understanding the benefits of a sports massage?

Over the last number of years the has been a noticeable increase in the number of people taking part in physical activity.
Running and cycling clubs are at full capacity and more people are enjoying the many benefits of physical exercise.

With such activities more demands are placed on the body and this can lead to tight, tense and achy muscles and joints.
By introducing a regular sports massage into your routine you will feel the benefits immediately.

A good sports massage will involve the moving, stretching and releasing of soft tissues. Pressure applied with depend on the area and feel of the tissues so sometimes pressure needs to be firm whilst other times easy.

So what are the benefits of a regular sports massage?

1. To ease out tight sore muscles

With the demands of sport/activity muscles become tight,tense and “sticky”. A good sports massage will ease out tight sore tissues, and help to get those “sticky” areas moving well again.

2. To help prevent injury

Tight tissues are at more risk of injury. Knots can develop and tight muscles and joints are put under more strain. With massage this can be prevented and advice given to help reduce the risk of injury.

3. To help post injury

Massage can be used to loosen scar tissue and promote blood flow and healing. The injured tissue can also be strengthened if massage is applied at the right time following injury helping ligaments and muscle fibres align better while healing,making them stronger.

4.To help promote flexibility and performance

Massage will help to maintain and improve flexibility in the soft tissues. By improving flexibility  performance can be enhanced eg. Better hip mobility improves running stride and efficiency, improved shoulder mobility can help swimming performance.

5. To help with Recovery

Following a particularly hard physical activity or event such as a 10k or marathon a recovery massage will help to ease out tired achy muscles and promote recovery. Massage with a stretching routine and use of foam roller can be a fantastic way back to full recovery.

6. To help with general well being

As well as the physical effects of massage there is the psychological effect- for centuries massage has been used for general well being and everyone feels better after a massage!

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