Susan Porter

I had back surgery 20 years ago and started Pilates at PhysioWorksNI 8 years ago. Within weeks I felt the benefit and within only a few months the pain had greatly reduced. Recently I attended Amy Bell with problems with my hip and knee and within 2 appointments I had notice an improvement. During an open day at the Practice Emily Waters gave me an introduction to the Pilates machines, I was very impressed by her knowledge so I booked a 1-2-1 session with her. On the first session Emily immediately spotted problems affecting my movement, she consulted with Amy and together they devised a course of action combining both physio and 1-2-1 Pilates sessions. I am delighted with the results from this and feel so much better. I will continue my weekly Pilates mat classes and also occasional 1-2-1 sessions with Emily to keep my problem from recurring. Many thanks to Emily and Amy who make a great team!

Caroline Young

I cannot thank Amy Bell enough for the expert skill, care and attention she has given me in treating my back problems. I was in acute pain and could barely move when I first went to see PhysioWorksNI, but after an initial consultation with Amy she was able to diagnose my problem and quickly set about my treatment. Amy fully explained the issues I was having and after only a couple of sessions, combined with some home exercises, I was back on my feet and able to start returning to normal activities. Amy's patience and support has been invaluable and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to family and friends.


I have been attending Pilates classes with Debbie for several years now, partly for the exercise and mostly because I enjoy the classes so much, not really thinking about the huge benefits keeping fit through Pilates would bring me. Prior to adominal surgery I was advised by a friend who had had simillar surgery, that for many weeks post surgery I would find pulling myself up to get out of bed very difficult and getting in, and espeically out of, the bath a no-go. So post surgery I was very very careful but had no bother at all in completing these tasks and I really think I have Pilates to thank for that, I never realised when attending the classes that over the years I had developed core strength which at this time has helped me so much. A bottom like Pippa's?? Maybe, but more important to me an easier recovery from a serious operation, for which I think I should say thank you Fitpilates@PhysioworksNI!

Chris Cargo

International Hockey Player

A few weeks ago I was treated for a sports massage at PhysioworksNI. As an international hockey player I realise the importance of good treatments to keep my body in good shape for the next training session or tournament and I know that I will always get a high quality of treatment every time I visit.

Clarke Little


After a reoccurring groin injury I kept getting while fencing, it was recommended that I go to PhysioworksNI. After a couple of sessions and being given different exercises to stretch and strengthen the surrounding area I recovered very quickly and haven't had any trouble with the area since. I am now attending again with a back problem and right from the first session I have noticed a huge improvement. Without the treatment I have received I would be unable to compete at an international standard and have achieved the results I have over the last year.

Hazel McLaughlin

Lagan Valley AC

Now member of the NI Commonwealth Mountain Running Team I run with Lagan Valley AC, and have suffered on and off with calf pain periodically in training for a few years, when I increased my running mileage or intensity for a big race. Visits to other physiotherapists, sports massage, even orthotics made no real difference. This year I have been concentrating more on my fell running so running up mountains soon meant the pain was back, and quickly got to the stage where I had to stop in races. I went to Debbie Matchett, owner of Physioworks, whom I knew was a runner, so hoped Debbie's interest in the sport would be an added benefit. Debbie quickly identified two key areas that I needed to work on, my back and calves. I received 'myofascial massage' for suspected compartment syndrome and was shown a few simple back and stretching exercises to do at home, along the dreaded foam roller! I noticed a difference after the first session with Debbie, who really understood my needs as a runner. Within a few of weeks of treatment, combined with the home exercises, I had no pain or tightness in my legs and felt so much better in my running. Thanks to Debbie I was able to run properly in races, in fact much faster than I had ran before! One such race was to pick the NI team for the Commonwealth Mountain running championships 2011 and am delighted to say I got a place! I can honestly say this would not have been possible without the help at PhysioworksNI.


I was suffering from intense jaw pain due to grinding my teeth when I started attending PhysioworksNI. I had had an op to remove wisdom teeth which made the situation worse. After my second session at PhysioworksNI, I noticed some improvement in the pain and after only 6 sessions it had completely gone.

I'm a reasonably fit 53 year old woman and have been going to Debbie's Pilates class regularly for over 2 years. The classes have improved my body posture and increased my flexibility greatly. They've also helped to prevent aches and pains from old sport injuries. I've even managed to persuade my husband to join the men only class to help his back problem. Not an easy task, but after 2 months he won't give up his Pilates class for anything! I attend the classes, not only for the health benefits, but for the "craic" with the other girls. It provides a very friendly, relaxed and uncompetitive atmosphere.


Student, Age 18

I had been having back pain and rib pain for some time. I had pain every day and studying for long hours only made it worse. I went to Physioworks on recommendation and was given simple pilates exercises to do every day. After 2 months I am now nearly pain free, I just need to do my exercises that PhysioworksNI taught me 2-3 times a week to keep my muscles strong. I have enrolled for pilates classes with Fitpilates@PhysioworksNI as I feel this will help me in the future.

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