Summer Movement Pilates Workshop Series

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Summer Movement Pilates Workshop Series

‘Change happens through movement and movement heals’ – Joseph Pilates

Making the connection between Pilates and our daily activities

Introducing our first summer series of workshops at PhysioworksNI with a strong emphasis on movement. These workshops are open to everyone whether you are an experienced Pilates regular or are totally new to the method.

Joseph Pilates has been nothing short of revolutionary in his impact on the world of fitness and exercise. Understanding that we are all individuals and being able to manage our own bodies in a unique and not uniformed way.

Hip Release

In our first Workshop we focus on hips. Most of us at some time have experienced some tightness or disfunction of the hip either due to sports i.e. running, cycling, hiking, hockey, rugby, walking or inactivity i.e. long hours sitting at a desk or driving.

We explain the function of the hips, which muscles we should be using for strength and stability and how to activate them properly to improve performance or just to reduce tightness. We all need to increase our range of motion in our hips, so we also also focus on flexibility, mobility and balance.

Let your Spine move

‘You are only as young as your spine is flexible’ – Joseph Pilates

Let us introduce you to your spine. The better the movement in our spine the happier our body is. Understand what the term ‘Core’ really means and how it relates to movement and stability of our spine. We focus on getting the deep fundamental core muscles working properly. We will also develop a full understanding of the core muscles in terms of daily activities we do and in direct relation to sports.

Enjoy feeling more mobility in your spine in this workshop, understanding the differences between the neck, upper and lower back. We will also discuss that term ‘Posture’ and how it affects everything we do.

Softer Shoulders

Due to Screens, phones and driving this has increased as a problem area. It is also easy to create a strong imbalance in the shoulders with over training in the gym or noticing issues with rotational sports i.e. tennis, golf, and watersports. Too much ‘bulk’ reduces our actual power, mobility and movement.

Let us show you the correct muscles to be using to increase your overall performance. This will also help to reduce tension and put less pressure on your back. Our simple straight forward exercises in this workshop will make all the difference and increase your shoulder mobility.

With all our workshops we give you recommended exercises to do at home. The workshop is an hour and half which gives us plenty of time we to go through and answer any individual issues that you have.

Book today with our reception team or through our contact page or see our timetable for more details.