Just How Good Can Pilates Make You Feel?

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6 very common myths about Pilates
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Clients are often attracted to a Pilates by thoughts of a stronger core, perhaps a flatter stomach.
Given regular practice – perhaps weekly, perhaps more often – the body’s natural corset of deeper abdominal muscles will awaken and strengthen.  It’s wonderful how this transfers into more fluid, more mindful movement during daily life.
However, one of the more immediate changes that new Pilates clients report is with their posture. We dedicate time in each class to movement, to rotation, and to isolating extension of the upper back. Sometimes, screentime takes over daily life. Isn’t it refreshing to challenge that habit, to feel an openness across the collarbones and shoulders.
..”I had to adjust the rear view mirror in my car!”
– Katarina, aged 27
Perhaps you too will find yourself sitting taller, more aware.
Perhaps you too will be adjusting that rear view mirror.
Our next 6 week block of Beginners Pilates at PhysioWorksNI starts on  9th April. Beginners classes are on Mondays & Tuesdays at 8:30pm. Phone 02890 702002 to prebook or click here to view our full timetable.