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Core Strengthening with Pilates.

We have all heard the term ‘posture’ and have some understanding of the word ‘core’ and the fact that we all need to be using it more! Modern lifestyles have a direct impact our bodies and strengthening our core is now vital for overall strength and injury prevention.

When you begin to practice Pilates regularly you will gain better posture and a stronger core. You will sit and stand taller, feel ‘lengthened’ and ‘lighter’. You will also become more centered, productive and focused. Your body will become stronger and leaner.

I have put together five Pilates Core Strengthening exercises you can do easily at home;

Leg floats

Lying on your back in neutral. Inhale float the leg up to table top, exhale lower the leg back down to the mat. Focus on maintaining neutral position.

Chest lifts

Hands behind the head, inhale prepare. Exhale lift head and shoulder into a small c-shape. Inhale lower back down. Be careful not to pull on the neck, use your core to come up.

Then add oblique twists – same breath pattern.

Leg circles

Lying in neutral Knees bent. Place band around one foot, hold the end of the band in one hand place the other on your lower abdominals. Begin to circle the leg, breathe in as the comes across the body, exhale as the leg moves away from the body. Think about control, if the hips ’tilt’ then your circle is too big, the core must support the pelvis whilst the leg is in rotation. Change directions.

Half roll backs

From a seated position in neutral with your arms straight out in front of you, Inhale. Exhale slide your tailbone underneath you to create a c-curve. Pause inhale, exhale curl forwards to return. Lengthen the spine back to neutral as you inhale.

Shoulder Bridge

Lying on your back inhale, exhale as you begin to peel your spine up and off the mat until you reach the top of your shoulders. Pause inhale at the top. Exhale begin to lower the back down, one vertebrae at a time until you reach neutral again. ‘Think string of beads’.

If you would like to try Pilates we offer a one off induction class at the end of every month. Our next induction is Friday 27th July at 4pm. We also have Beginners Pilates classes available to join at the moment. Our next Beginners block starts at the beginning of August.

Please contact us for further information.

Emily and the PhysioWorks NI Team.