Class Descriptions

  • Keep to the ‘Principles of Pilates’ of alignment, breathing, core control and ease of movement.
  • Progress you through at a level that suits you.
  • Often use small apparatus such as foam rollers, resistance bands and weights. These add to the fun and the challenge, and will help you ‘feel the exercise’ in a totally different way.
  • Have fully qualified instructors. We have a lovely mix of instructors who are physiotherapists, dance teachers and other health professionals.


If you’re new to Pilates, this is the class for you.

Whatever your age, sex or fitness level, learning Pilates will improve your flexibility, posture and reduce back pain. You’ll be taught the basic Principles of Pilates including alignment, breathing and centring (core control) and you’ll learn a series of exercises which are a fantastic foundation on which to build your knowledge of the technique.

On occasions we will use small apparatus, eg bands & weights, to add fun and increase the effect of the exercise. Our Beginners classes are friendly and enjoyable and all equipment is provided. There’s no need to buy special clothing - comfy clothing such as jogging bottoms/leggings and a t-shirt or long sleeve top are all perfect for Pilates.

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Progressive Beginners

This is for you if you have completed a Beginner’s course of Pilates.

You will learn more challenging exercises and perfect the exercises you already know. The aim is to improve your strength and flexibility. In these classes we also start to have a bit of fun with the more ‘classical’ style of exercises.

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Choose this class if you have been practicing Pilates for a period of time and are competent at the Progressive Beginner level.

In this class you will continue with the basic fundamentals and carry them through into a challenging circuit of exercises known as “The Intermediate Mat”. You will practice different exercises in different positions and, to give you a total body workout, small equipment is often used.

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Intermediate Plus

This is for you if you have been practising Pilates for a number of years.

Intermediate Plus is a challenging class that will stretch you to your limits in regard to control, flexibility and strength. It truly is an all-over body workout.

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Sports Clubs Classes

If you are a club or society and you would like to run short courses of pilates specifically tailored to your sport, we can organise this at PhysioworksNI.

Classes we have run have included pilates for runners, rugby clubs, hockey clubs, cycle clubs, football clubs and golfers.

Feedback has been very positive. Benefits include better flexibility and strength and helps towards better technique and injury prevention specific to your sport.

We can organise the classes here or we can go out to your venue.

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