Pilates Class Descriptions

  • Keep to the ‘Principles of Pilates’ of alignment, breathing, core control and ease of movement.

  • Progress you through at a level that suits you.

  • Often use small apparatus such as foam rollers, resistance bands and weights. These add to the fun and the challenge, and will help you ‘feel the exercise’ in a totally different way.

  • Have fully qualified instructors. We have a lovely mix of instructors who are physiotherapists, dance teachers and other health professionals.

pilates beginner classes


If you’re new to Pilates, this is the class for you.

Whatever your age, sex or fitness level, learning Pilates will improve your flexibility, posture and reduce back pain. You’ll be taught the basic Principles of Pilates including alignment, breathing and centring (core control) and you’ll learn a series of exercises which are a fantastic foundation on which to build your knowledge of the technique.

On occasions we will use small apparatus, eg bands & weights, to add fun and increase the effect of the exercise. Our Beginners classes are friendly and enjoyable and all equipment is provided. There’s no need to buy special clothing – comfy clothing such as jogging bottoms/leggings and a t-shirt or long sleeve top are all perfect for Pilates.

pilates stretches

Progressive Beginners

This is for you if you have completed a Beginner’s course of Pilates.

You will learn more challenging exercises and perfect the exercises you already know. The aim is to improve your strength and flexibility. In these classes we also start to have a bit of fun with the more ‘classical’ style of exercises.

pilates exercise


Choose this class if you have been practicing Pilates for a period of time and are competent at the Progressive Beginner level.

In this class you will continue with the basic fundamentals and carry them through into a challenging circuit of exercises known as “The Intermediate Mat”. You will practice different exercises in different positions and, to give you a total body workout, small equipment is often used.


Bone Health Class

With more people being diagnosed with Osteoporosis and Osteopenia, this is the perfect class to improve bone and muscle strength.

Our bones continue to grow and strengthen until middle age, after which a gradual and natural decline commences – the more bone strength we have before this decline starts, the longer our bones and joints can remain strong.

Pilates for Bone Health not only strengthens our existing bone structure, but can improve scores that have indicated osteopenia or osteoporosis – exercises are specifically designed to increase bone mineral density and strengthen the supporting muscles.

Pilates reformer wunda chair

Induction To Pilates Studio

New to Pilates? Mat Classes or Reformer? Come to our induction class to learn Pilates Studio

Discover the fundamental basics of the Pilates Method, enjoy exploring the different aspects of Pilates using Mat exercises, Reformer, Trapeze Table, Wunda Chair and Barrels in a rotating format

This class suits all levels and of interest to anyone wanting to learn Pilates on a wider scope with the traditional machinery and technique.

Pilates circuit classes

Pilates Circuits

Feel fabulous just before the weekend!

Join us for a fast paced Pilates session on Friday afternoon using all the equipment; reformer, wunda chair and barrels. It’s a fantastic workout incorporating strength, flexibility and core work.

This class is suitable for all fitness levels and often a cross compliment to those alreasy familar with Pilates mat classes and wanting to explore more studio work.

Body blast classes

Body Blast

Join us for a challenging hour and a half Pilates workshop

Using the small Pilates equipment such as; weights, magic circles, rollers and bands. This workshop will give you a deep fundamental understanding of the equipment and improve your Pilates technique

This workshop is often taken by those familiar with Pilates looking to improve their technique and is for all fitness levels and abilities.

Pilates conditioning classes

Pilates Conditioning

A great work out in a Pilates format

Pilates conditioning is a whole body work out combining the fundamentals of Pilates with a variety of Pilates equipment to ensure a full body workout that is safe and effective.

This is a faster paced class and is for anybody who wants to enhance their stamina, flexibility and core strength. This class is suitable for all fitness levels as you can work at your own pace.


Pilates Summer Movement Series

Specialised workshops open to everybody, you do not need to have practiced Pilates before.

‘Change happens through movement and movement heals’ – Joseph Pilates

Hip Release – This class focuses on understanding the function of the hips, we firstly increase your flexibility and strength but also teach understanding of how to stabilise the hips to improve function for daily life or activity. Let your spine move – a class to help and understand your spine better and improve your ‘posture’. The class will help you improve the movement in your back and explore and understand the word ‘core’. Softer Shoulders – Time to deal with those shoulders, let us help you feel lighter around your shoulders and increase your range of movement with simple exercises to unwind this very common area of tension.

‘Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical virility, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit’ – Joseph Pilates.

You can benefit from physiotherapy or pilates at any time in your life

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